A forgotten lagend says"The man who is regonized by the Elf, could gain the power to change the world.." Three years ago, Land of Elvis became stronger and gradually on the verge of collapsed. Empire Abyss claimed to instructed to escape others countries for the righteousness.


As the aristocratic son and shielded by the Elf. Going to travel for escape world destoryed.

"I need to stop the world being collapsed..."

Lead's good friend. A homeless traveller and traveing with Lead.

"Survival of the fittest. This is imperishable truth."

Grown in Lassla Village and dreaming he can be hero.

"I want to be hero!"

A unconscious girl in the Elf Seal and remember nothing. Feeling inscure for her lost memory.

"The world ...makes me feel strange."

One of the Empire Abyss Generals. Love power and combat tactics is ruthless.

"❤Come on. Be my toy.❤"

born declining aristocratic descendants of the empire. Wish he could do something for piece.

"Peace can't be reach by month."

Grace's brother, was armyed in empire Abyss and been one of Generals. Left Abyss Army for some reason.

"Grace, you are choose the wrong way."


Manager : 粽子
Drama : 小岩姐姐
SceneDesign :惡貓
Art : 阿綠綠 / Jchoy / SLAND / 安培 / 白雨 / 汁汁
Music : Anne
Translato : MiCHi / 賽巴
QA : 可威麵
Sponsor : siakoMobi / Yurif

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